Tuesday, 27 November 2018

An Injustice to all the Maggi Goreng I've ever had

Good grief. The cold autumn temp is having my stomach calling the shots with sending crazy morse code signals to my head and mouth. I've been craving for fried tauhu (tofu)...the one condiment that I disliked and (sometimes) refused to eat. This is my i-tried-but-fail imitation of Maggi Goreng ala mamak style. 臘

What I learnt:
- still needing Maggi / Ibumie for that nostalgic taste. Ramen noodles is just different
- Maggi/Ibumie has that superior spring in their noodles for this sort of big fire frying dish
- need to use Maggi chilli sauce. Sriracha didn't quite hit the spot
- need wok hei (fired up wok)

My references:
Recipe - https://youtu.be/Gc6SesKaJM4
The required 'kungfu' (mastery skill to control wok) -  https://youtu.be/vfztf4Smcok

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