Friday, 6 May 2016

An Afternoon at the Hairdresser's Vietnam! Vung Tau.
Spent the afternoon pampering myself to
1. Hair cut (layered) = 50,000 dong
2. Express mani and pedi= 40,000 dong
(Both with trimming cuticles and painted ala French)
3. Eyebrow shaping = 10,000 dong
I hardly indulge myself in these sort of luxuries and am careful when it comes to spending money on these. Not necessities. I'm not sophisticated this way.
So when it costs RM17.95 only...I went for it!
And, to boot the ladies were very courteous and had a good time trying to communicate with this non-Vietnamese client. Google Translate and Currency exchange apps are lifesavers.
I'm happy.
Toying with the idea to get hair highlights / colours next. :)

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