Thursday 29 November 2018

Recipe review: Angus Gyoza crafted at Home

Amongst the first foods I made when I first arrived here was the fairly simple to prepare Gyoza. It stores well frozen and great for impromptu visits.
Down side is that it's an oily (but oh-so-yummy!) snack.
1. For frozen storing - first freeze Gyoza individually. Once frozen they can be stored inside airtight / sealed plastic bags. This method will deter the pieces sticking to each other.
2. Frozen Gyoza do not need to be thawed for cooking. Just put oil in pan and Gyoza on top. Cover pan to encourage steaming.
3. Filling can be pretty much anything and to your own taste. Here I used ground Angus seasoned with chopped onions, carrots, pepper, salt, sesame oil and Jinxiang rice wine (use plenty to rid beef-y smell).
4. Sauce for dipping: mix of chili oil, Chinese vinegar, sliced ginger.
5. Chilli oil makes everything better.
6. After folding over a hundred, I got the hang of folding a sweet crescent shaped Gyoza. I'm proud of my origami ability.

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